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Patients need to be admitted for treatment of several types of illnesses and conditions. Aster MIMS Kottakkal has certain promises to patients and expects patients and their families to follow certain rules and systems for the same.


  • Aster MIMSK Hospital welcomes all patients. No patient will be denied admission on the basis of race, color, religion, ancestry, financial class or national origin.
  •  Patients may be admitted to Aster MIMSK Hospital by doctors with admitting privileges
  • All admissions will come either through the Outpatient Department or ED
  • Acceptance of non-emergency admissions and transfers to Aster MIMSK Hospital shall be made contingent upon verification of available resources through Admission / Registration counter.
  • Advance payment must be collected within 24 hours of admission; exceptions can be made in case of emergency. 
  • The patient and family will be informed of inpatient rules at the time of admission and will be requested to sign agreement to abide by the rules. 
  •  A patient with medical Insurance (with ESI or Insurance third party) or covered under corporate/ company scheme will be directed to the insurance section for processing the necessary documents. All credit patients will require an authorization letter (in case of planned admission)17 
  • Emergency patients get priority over elective patients for admission.
  • The treating doctor should decide the level of emergency for admitting the patient.
  •  In case of emergency, when the patient’s identity is not known, registration can be done by informing the police and the patient can be admitted for further treatment.
  • If a patient is brought to the emergency and requires to be hospitalized, the admission process will be carried out by emergency Department Physician.
  • Patients are accepted only if the hospital can provide the require services.
  • Patient/ Family have a right to receive counseling regarding expected cost of treatment.
  • The patient shall not be subjected to any procedure without his/her voluntary, competent, and informed consent, or that of his/her legally authorized representative.


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