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Transforaminal Percutaneous Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy

Aster MIMS Kottakkal is an NABH accredited.

Transforaminal Percutaneous Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy

Back pain can be cured in a day. Low back pain is a major clinical problem, that results in an significant socioeconomic burden. Percutaneous endoscopic lumbar discectomy (PELD) is a new technique for the decompression of the lumbar disc space and removal of nucleus pulposus via a posterolateral approach. The technique was first introduced in Germany by the authors Kambin and Gellman in 1983. PELD surgery was initially intended for disc surgery. The method is indicated in patients with non sequestrated lumbar disc herniation with an intact dorsal longitudinal ligament.


  • Minimally invasive procedures.
  • Small scar, minimal blood loss
  • No general anaesthesia, under local anaesthesia.
  • Faster recovery and rehabilitation.
  • Reduced hospital stay and return to work, and lesser risk of spinal instability.
  • An effective alternative to open discectomy.
  • Selective endoscopic removal of an epidurally extruded disc fragment.
  • Initial landing is close to the target as possible.
  • Complete herniotomy after thorough release of annular anchorage.
  • The definitive end point of the procedure is free mobilization of neural tissues, Not direct exposure of neural tissues.

Patient stories



Wanted to take this opportunity to thank the nursing staff of the 5 th floor & SICU for taking absolutely fantastic care to my mom, Nalini. A huge shout out and gratitude to Dr Faizal M Iqbal for motivating mom to undergo surgery and and taking the atmost care during and after surgery. I am hopeful and sure that the post operative recovery would also be equally cared for. A special thanks to Mr. Yasar, Surgical coordinator for helping all the time and 1 word of appreciation for house keeping staff for the room cleaning and maintenance service in a prime and proper condition.Once again a heartfut gratitude to Aster MIMS Kottakkal Family.

Himanshu Sonara

Stayed in the hospital for around 4 days. In the package they provided, transportation in and out of the hospital was free and they provided excellent detailed service to both the patients who were admitted in the hospital. All of the staff including Rizwan, Ashar, Shakeel, Dr. Faisal, the nurses etc. and even the CEO was very friendly and ready to provide any services that we requested or needed at anytime to make sure our stay at the hospital was pleasant.


ആതുരശുശ്രൂഷ മേഖലയിൽ വമ്പൻ മാറ്റങ്ങൾക്ക് ഇടവച്ച നടുവേദനയ്ക്കുള്ള അതിനൂതന ചികിത്സയായ പെൽഡ് (PELD) ചികിത്സാ രീതിയിലൂടെ 500 ൽ പരം ശസ്ത്രക്രിയകൾ പൂർത്തിയാക്കി ആസ്റ്റർ മിംസ് കോട്ടക്കൽ. ശസ്ത്രക്രിയ ആവശ്യമില്ല, ഒരു ദിവസം കൊണ്ട് സുഖപ്പെടുന്നു, ചെറിയ മുറിവ്, കുറഞ്ഞ രക്തസ്രാവം, ജനറൽ അനസ്തേഷ്യ ആവശ്യമില്ല, വിശ്രമം ആവശ്യമില്ല എന്നിങ്ങനെ രോഗികൾക്ക് ഏറെ ആയാസരഹിതവും ആശുപത്രിവാസം പരമാവധികുറച്ചുള്ളതുമായി ചികിത്സാരീതിയാണെന്നതാണ് പ്രത്യേകത.