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General Surgery

Aster MIMS Kottakkal is an NABH accredited.

General Surgery

General Surgery provides surgical interventions for acute, chronic as well as emergency cases. Breast surgery, thyroid & endocrine surgery, varicose vein surgery & trauma procedures come under this speciality. Laparoscopic procedures include management of gall stones, hernia repair,  liver cysts, bowel obstruction etc. The General Surgery Department at Aster MIMS, Kottakkal, is well equipped with the latest general and laparoscopic surgical equipment with laparoscopy being a key area of focus for the centre. The team of surgeons is well trained and talented to perform critical and complex surgeries, including that of endocrine system. We have highly qualified and trained nurses to support the doctors and ensure proper treatment spanning the surgical and post-surgical management in emergency and planned cases. With unique medical ethics, surgical techniques, and equipment, we work hard for our patients' safety and wellness.

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