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Aster MIMS Hightlights

Aster MIMS Kottakkal is an NABH accredited.

Aster MOMZ

Aster Momz is an educational endeavor to bridge the gap between our traditional knowledge and the ever-changing science through a combination of online and offline classes. It aims at empowering mothers-to-be to navigate the emotional and physical changes during their pregnancy. It helps them prepare for the actual labor and for the arrival of their new bundle of joy.

Antenatal Classes 
At Aster MOMZ, an experienced health professional educates pregnant mothers and their bystanders regarding the physical and emotional changes they are likely to experience. Preventive measures to avoid unpleasant experiences and management methods to minimize those changes that cannot be prevented are shared. Diet and exercise habits are shared that will strengthen the mother to carry an additional life within her and also prepare her for the daunting task of bringing a new life to this world. The frequently asked queries and apprehensions are also addressed in these sessions.

Aster MOMZ Coordinator 
Aster MOMZ administrator is available for the patients for all pregnancy and labour related queries right from their first visit till their delivery.

Aster MOMZ Videos
Videos of their personal doctors, physiotherapist, dietician, and psychologist talking about various aspects of pregnancy and labour will be personally sent to each of our patients.

Postnatal counselling
The Diet and mobility of the mother which is the most beneficial for mother and child is shared. Best feeding positions and techniques are taught. The caregivers are sensitized regarding the importance of complete vaccination and its schedule.

Home immunization and corresponding Pediatric E consultation
Aster MOMZ aims to make this unhappy experience redundant. Once the vaccination date of the baby arrives, our pediatrician will conduct an online consultation for the baby. Following the go-ahead from the doctor, vaccination is provided through Aster@Home without the baby ever needing to leave their home.